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Earning Your % Bar Back

Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:07 am by Tiramisu

Earning Your % Back:

1. 10% restore for 10 votes without Asking …

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What is Contest Galaxy about?

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1What is Contest Galaxy about? Empty What is Contest Galaxy about? on Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:55 pm


What is Contest Galaxy: A Vote Exchange Forum

Summary/Purpose: To provide a place where honest people can meet to exchange vote for online contests and be assured they are getting honest votes in return.

Why choose contest Galaxy?

So, you arrived at Contest Galaxy, now why should you register and exchange with us? How are we different from other Vote Exchange Forums and Facebook Vote Exchange Walls and Groups?
Do you spend hours on other vote exchange forums, only to find that you vote for 100s of other people and maybe only get 5, 10, 20 votes in return?
Contest Galaxy has strict rules that REQUIRE every vote be returned, unless the user states ahead of time in their header that they do not return certain types of votes. Because of this disclaimer, you can choose not to vote for that person before even opening the thread. If a vote is not returned within 24 hours for our daily contests and 48 hours for our 1x contests, we have a "Report" button that allows voters to alert our ever-vigilant moderation and administrative staff to deal with it promptly and the user's thread will be "jailed" until each and every vote gets returned.

What if they don't return those votes and just open a new thread?

Contest Galaxy has a "No Duplicate" rule that allows users only ONE thread per contest, as well as not allowing a user to have any new threads at all as long as they have "jailed" contests with unreturned votes. This also means you won't spend hours opening thread after thread, only to discover that the same person has posted dozens of copies of the exact same contest. Those "duplicate" copies, make some forums LOOK like they have many more contests to exchange votes with, when they actually don't. This saves time and makes your vote exchange experience more relaxed and efficient.

What if someone never returns votes?

Contest Galaxy takes non-voters VERY seriously. If a user posts a thread and never returns a vote, they will be added to the forum "Restricted List" and will not be able to open any threads at all on the forum. They may only VOTE FIRST and then ask for a return vote. A user on the "Restricted List" is required to offer a given number of "Make Good" votes if they ever want to have their own thread in the future. And if they do it again, they get banned. Because of this restriction our users make a big effort not to have their account standing jeopardized.

What if a banned non-voter just makes a new account and starts over?
Contest Galaxy a ONE account per person rule and can track where the accounts are coming. Such "illegal" accounts are quickly banned before they can "STEAL" more votes.

What if I can't get here every 24/48 Hours?
Contest Galaxy does not require it's users to open their own thread. The 24 Hour Rule ONLY applies if you have a thread open. If you prefer, you may come in and only vote for others and ask for a vote in return. This way you are not bound by the 24Hour Rule.

Do you have a thread on another forum/Wall and users SAY they voted but haven't actually done so?
Contest Galaxy has a "Proof of Vote" Rule which requires our voters to post ALL available vote, like numbers, rankings, scores, or other requested "Proof of Vote," such as screenshots, etc. If users do not comply with this rule they can be banned from the forum.

And if someone just posts the next number in line without actually voting?

Contest Galaxy does NOT tolerate lying. If proof can be presented (accidents happen), any user who has lied will be warned and banned if lying continues.

Do you spend hours opening Thread after Thread to vote only to find the contest has ended?
Contest Galaxy requires it's users to post the contest end date in the header so you can see if the contest has ended without taking extra time to load it first.

How does Contest Galaxy differ from Facebook Voting Walls?
Does it take you literally hours to vote a Facebook Wall so that you can post your own contest? Are you required to vote for daily contests every day on those walls even though yours is a 1x only and those dailies can only vote on yours once? On Contest Galaxy you are not required to vote on anyone else's thread, beyond your initial 10 votes to become an accredited Contest Galaxy "Voter." You may open your thread and are ONLY required to return votes for those who have voted for you. Though you would get maximum return on your votes by voting for others and asking for a return favor.

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You MUST vote for 6 others and show vote/like #'s where available.
Your Header MUST have an end date.
Selective Returns MUST be stated in your header.
ONE topic/contest; contest/topic; acct/person; person/acct.

2What is Contest Galaxy about? Empty Re: What is Contest Galaxy about? on Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:18 pm

Franklin Ferguson

Thanks for your information.It is very helpful for me.

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