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Welcome to Contest Galaxy.To access our site register for free and enjoy talking to a friendly community. Once registered you will have access to our vote trading section. Our friendly staff will also help you with any questions you may have. Thanks for visiting! If you have any doubts about our site check out our winners lounge!
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Earning Your % Bar Back

Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:07 am by Tiramisu

Earning Your % Back:

1. 10% restore for 10 votes without Asking …

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User Guide and Handbook - A must Read.

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1User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Empty User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:18 pm



Welcome to the Contest Galaxy Vote Exchange Forum, the premiere site for cheat-free Votes. Now that you have registered, here are a few things to get you started.

Okay, I registered, what now?
1. First and foremost, before you post anything, be sure to read and understand ALL of the forum rules. The links to the various rules can be found at: . Once you have read and understood the rules, post on that same thread that you have “READ, UNDERSTAND, and AGREE to ALL of the forum rules.” You may not pick and choose which rules you agree to. You MUST abide by them all. If you do not understand something, please ask for clarification. If you open a vote request topic without following this step, your request will be removed.

How to vote for others on their topics:
1: ONLY vote for the 1st person on page one of each topic. Voting for anyone else on someone's topic is considered hijacking and is against forum rules since it clutters the topic and makes it difficult for not only the user to know who voted for them, it also makes it difficult for the forum staff to moderate who is and who is not returning votes. So, please Just don't do it.
2. Vote ONLY in the Vote Exchange forums, 1x and daily sections. Requests posted in other sections will be removed.
3. Post ALL available vote/like numbers, ratings, rankings,scores, percentage, placings etc., or other requested proof of vote with your reply. This is your proof that you actually voted. If you do not post your number where it was provided, you will earn warnings and the recipient is not required to return your vote without it.
4. When you vote and post your vote number, You may then post your link with your reply.
5. You may NOT post on another user's topic asking for a vote if you have not voted first. This includes things like “I voted on another forum, please vote for me...” If you do this, you will be warned and your request will be removed.
6. How to know if you already voted:

When, How and Where to open a Vote Request Topic:
1. Once you have read, understood and posted that you agree to the forum rules, you may open a vote request topic of your own. This is not required and is purely optional. If you wish, you may just return as often as you like, vote for others and request a return favor.
2. When you open your own topic, post it ONLY in the Vote Exchange Area 1x OR Daily section, NOT BOTH and NOT on other areas of the forum. Duplicates and topics posted in the wrong sections WILL be removed.
3. How to open a topic:
2. Do NOT open more than one topic per contest. Duplicates WILL be removed.
3. Do NOT post multiple contests in the same topic. Each must have it's own topic. If you list more than one contest in one topic, your topic will be removed until you fix it. Different entries in the SAME contest MAY be posted in one topic as they have the same rules and same ending date.
4. Make sure you put the end date in the HEADER. If your topic is missing the end date it will be removed until the date is added.
5. If there are any types of votes (such as Registrations, Pinintrest, etc) put it PROMINENTLY in your header thus *****I do NOT return (what you don't return)*****

Returning your votes:
1. You MUST return all votes given to you on your own topic FIRST. Only then may you visit other topics, vote and ask for a return favor.  Remember, those users voted once for you already and you owe them that return vote.  By going to their topic, instead, voting for them and asking them for a return, you are essentially getting TWO votes from them for ONE vote you gave. If you do not return someone's vote, but go to their topic, vote and ask for a return favor, your request will be removed and warning issued.
2. Votes must be returned within 24 hours for the daily section and 48 hours for the 1x section.
3. You MUST return all votes except those you have listed in your header and those you legitimately can't return, such as ended or already voted.
4. We will KNOW if you add that disclaimer AFTER you received the vote.  If that happens you are responsible for returning the vote and then you may add the disclaimer.
5. Generic Responses such as "all returned" are NOT acceptable. Those votes WILL be tallied as NOT returned.
6. You must reply to everyone by username either in a list or with the quote button and you MUST post any and all numbers where they are available. How to return votes:

If your topic disappears:
1. Check the Post Jail, Impound and Just Visiting:
2. If your topic is jailed, follow the instructions left for you by the moderator then PM any mod to let them know you did as was asked.
3. If you still can't find it, PM any moderator for help in locating your topic
4. Do NOT just open a duplicate copy of it, you will only receive a warning in return.
5. If you leave your topic in the Post Jail without returning the votes you will be banned from opening further topics and could receive a permanent ban from the forum. We do not tolerate non-voters.

Why are the rules so strict?

Adding content to your signature:

Editing your topic/post:

Reporting Rule Breaking
If you suspect a user of not returning your vote, cheating or other rule violation, please hit the report button. It is at the bottom right hand corner of each post. For images and information click the link.

How to stop notifications:

Forgot your password?
ou can use this link to recover your forgotten password. . Please do not open a new account instead. We permit one account per person. Thanks

How to change your username:
So maybe you messed up or just want a username change. Here is the process to have your name changed.
1. Before requesting make sure the username is not already taken. To do this visit our memberlist and search for the username you would like. If it does not come up with any usernames then the username is available.
2. Contact Admin. Using the pm system. Include that you would like a name change and what you would like.

Some often used Abbreviations and their meanings:
alr = already
ae = already elsewhere
ew = elsewhere (same as ae)
aaf = already a fan (already liked the page)
2e = too early
2e2v = too early to vote again (same as 2e)
v = voted
tu = thumbs up
nvb = no vote button

Tips for new Users.
1. Always make sure a user is following our rules before voting. If someone posted their link on your topic without voting for you first, don't vote for them. Instead immediately report them to a moderator.
2. To find topics or posts that you have created find you user name in the user list at the bottom of the forum. Click your name and then click statistics on the next page. For topics click “number of topics” for posts click “find all messages posted by (your username)”.
3. Remember to check out our FAQ's and How Too Guides in the New member section.

Contests you can enter (Do NOT post Vote Requests in this Section):

Looking for a certain type of contest? Post in our Contests Wanted Section (Do NOT post Vote Requests):


The Forum Social Lounge:
Stop in and Introduce Yourself

The Winner's Lounge:
We'd love to hear about your wins. We LOVE pictures.

Need HELP?
New User section:
User Questions:

Ask any Moderator or Admin:
trex (Rules Admin)
Johanna (Forum Moderator)
Tiramisu (System Admin):
Admin (The BIG CHEESE)

Last edited by trex on Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:35 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : replaced obsolete information and condesned a lot of info into this 1 post)



This was very helpful.  Thank you!



I read and Agree to all of these rules




5User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Empty Re: User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:01 am



Thank you

6User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Empty Re: User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:50 pm



thanks for helping us




8User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Empty Re: User Guide and Handbook - A must Read. Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:55 pm




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