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Earning Your % Bar Back

Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:07 am by Tiramisu

Earning Your % Back:

1. 10% restore for 10 votes without Asking …

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Why are the Rules so Strict?

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1 Why are the Rules so Strict? on Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:17 pm


1. You MUST Agree to the Rules Before opening a vote request topic: 
Too many users are arguing with the rules after they start using the forum. By agreeing to the rules first user's know ahead of time what they are agreeing to. (you DID read them didn't you?)

2. Vote ONLY for the first person on page 1 of each topic.
Voting for everyone on someone else's topic creates loads of clutter, making it hard for that user to sort out who has voted for them and who has not. Many times others will vote everyone BUT that user. This is not fair and those users begin to complain about it. It also makes it hard from the mods/admins to sort out who is and is not voting.

3. You may NOT just post on another user's topic asking for a vote without voting FIRST.
That's just the rule! It's no fair to expect someone to vote for you if you did not vote for them first.

4. You MUST post ALL numbers where available.
This rule is in place to discourage lying. Too many users were just saying they voted when they actually did not vote. This allows the recipient and the staff to verify your vote.

5. Your Header MUST have an end date.
Our moderators and admins work hard to keep the forum cleared of ended contests. The end date tells us when we can remove your topic from the active area of the forum.

6. You MUST return ALL Votes.
If someone took the time to vote for you, it is only fitting that they get a vote in return. If you do not want to return votes, then you should not be posting on a vote EXCHANGE.

7. Votes that you do NOT return MUST be stated CLEARLY in your header.
Others will know at a glance that you will not return their vote, so they don't need to take the time to open your topic, read through it and then find out you don't return their type of contest. This is to help keep things moving smoothly and quickly.

8. You MUST return ALL Votes WITHIN 24 Hours for the Daily section and WITHIN 48 hours for the 1x Section, and POST the results to YOUR OWN topic.
Daily voters come in every day to vote for you. If you did not promptly return those votes, they wind up voting again before you give them even 1 vote.
1X only votes have a little more leeway, but still must be returned with 48 hours. This is because their contests begin to end and then you can never return their vote.
Post to your own topic: We do NOT have the time to cross check every user and every topic and every vote on the forum. By posting on your OWN topic you speed up the moderation process by telling US as well that you have voted.

9. When returning votes on your topic, you MUST reply to everyone.
We are NOT mind readers. If you don't SAY you have voted, then as far as we know, you haven't.

10. When returning votes on your own topic, Generic Replies of any kind, such as "Votes Returned," "Voted All," "Done to this Point," Etc. are NOT acceptable.
This rule is in place to discourage lying. Too many users were just saying they voted when they actually did not vote. This allows the recipient and the staff to verify your vote.

11. If you have an active contest topic open, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure ALL votes get returned.
We are not your babysitter, you are grown adults and are responsible for your own behavior.

12. If you will be gone for over 24 hours for a daily contest or 48 hours for a 1x contest then PM any Mod/Admin to place your topic on hold until you return.
By having your topic placed on hold when you are gone for an extended period of time, you avoid 24 hour and 48 hour rule violations.

13. When requesting a topic to be closed or placed on hold for any reason, you MUST be caught up on ALL vote returns.
If you have outstanding votes on your topic and are goine for any length of time, those user's contests begin to end and then you can never return the favor.

14. If you do NOT return a vote, you MUST say WHY on your own topic.
We are NOT mind readers. If you don't SAY you that you can't vote, then as far as we know, you haven't.

15. When your contest has ended, you MUST return the last of the votes or your topic WILL be considered abandoned.
Too many users get complacent when their contest nears its end or has ended and never come back to return the last of their votes. Those voters are due a return favor.

16. If you have ANY topic that has been placed in the Post Jail that requires votes to be returned, you will NOT be permitted to open any new topics until those votes are returned. If your topic is in violation of the 24 or 48 hour rule and any contests have ended you MUST make good on that and vote for someone else without asking for a return favor.
Why should you be allowed to continue if you haven't returned votes?
If you miss returning someone's vote because of your 24/48 violation and their contest ended, it is only fitting that you make good on your mistake.

17. Posting and running.
We do NOT tolerate Vote Stealing.

18. ONE topic/contest - (NO duplicates allowed).
This is to keep the forum clear of clutter. There is no need to have more than one copy of your contest. It remains active unless you violate a rule or the contest has ended.

19. ONE contest/topic.
End dates and rules vary from contest to contest and even though two contests may start out with the same end date, one of them might change their end date. It makes it hard to keep things straight when multiple contests with different end dates are posted in the same topic. However multiple entries in the SAME contest are subject to the same rules and end dates, so it is okay to post multiple entries in the same contest on one topic.

20. ONE account/person.
Too may users have been stealing votes and then starting a new account to avoid the warnings and restrictions so that they can steal some more votes. If you have multiple family members with accounts this is fine. Just let us know so we can make note that all those accounts are not yours.

21. ONE person/account.
We run a cheat-free exchange that does NOT permit fake accounts. We cannot enforce this if several people are using the same account. How are we to know they are all different people and not using fake accounts to vote with. All we have is your word and we don't know you from Adam.

22. ONE vote for ONE vote ONLY.
We run a cheat free exchange here. Multiple voting using either someone else's account or fake accounts is strictly prohibited unless it is permitted byt the contest sponsor.

23. Cheating is NOT permitted.
I don't think this needs any explanation. Just don't, okay.

24. Vote Requests via the Private Messaging System (PM) WILL get you BANNED.
We cannot moderate votes going through the PM system. We can see the number of PMs you are sending and the frequency, but cannot read them. It's too easy to cheat, steal and lie using the PM system.

25. Spamming the forum with multiple copies of your contest WILL get you BANNED.
You are obviously here only to cause trouble and we already have more than we need.

26. Posting off-site links for the purpose of exchanging votes off-site is prohibited. All exchanges MUST be on this forum.
We cannot moderate votes offsite and you are here only to steal members.

27. Posting the names/links to other Vote Exchange sites is prohibited.
We cannot moderate votes offsite and you are here only to steal members.

27. Offers to buy or sell votes WILL get you BANNED.
Shame on you! Bye! This is cheating and we do not allow cheating.

28. Lying WILL get you BANNED
Shame on you! Bye! You obviously cannot be trusted.

28. If your topic is missing PM a Mod/Admin.
Most likely you have just overlooked it and it is still posted. Or it could have been moved to the post jail for a rule violation.

29. Ignoring instructions left for you by moderator or admin will earn you warnings.
Too many users repeatedly just do as they please and ignore the mods/admins.

30. Repeatedly violating the site rules will earn you warnings and an eventual suspension or permanent ban.
Too many users think they are above the rules and just do as they please.

31. Repeated rudeness/mouthing off to the moderation/administration staff could get you banned.
We have had users in the past get irate about the rules being enforced and repeatedly are rude to the mods/admins. Remember, you violated the rule, you are responsible. Please don't take it out on the staff. We have feelings too.

32. Profanity could get you banned.
This is a family friendly forum and we have had users in the past get irate about the rules being enforced and repeatedly call the mods/admins every word in the dictionary and some that are not. Remember, you violated the rule, you are responsible. Please don't take it out on the staff. We have feelings too.

Last edited by trex on Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:31 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : updated)

How to NOT have your topic locked:
- post the ending date of the contest in your topic title
- return the votes you have been offered
- come back on the forum every day and don't be away more than 2 days.

2 Re: Why are the Rules so Strict? on Mon Apr 11, 2011 4:57 am


most definitely makes sense

3 Re: Why are the Rules so Strict? on Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:12 am


trex' signature
You MUST vote for 10 users BEFORE you open a vote request.
You may leave your link in the reply.
You MUST include Vote/Like #s where available. Failure to do so could get you banned.
Your Header MUST have an end date.
You MUST return ALL votes every day and NOT more than 48 hours .
ONE topic per contest ONLY. ONE Account per person ONLY
Cheat-Free site - 1 vote for 1 vote, do NOT offer to exchange multiple votes.
Topic is missing? PM any Mod or Admin; do NOT open a duplicate.
Sending Vote requests by PM WILL get you banned.

Maybe you need the rules right there on the front page after the welcome to and our address is, people are still missing the rules.

There are as many posts locked and in jail as there are active voting topics. If everyone followed the rules, we could all get more votes, not sure why people would expect to get votes without returning them on a site clearly set up to exchange votes.

4 Re: Why are the Rules so Strict? on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:16 pm


I think your rules are great and the boards stay clean its nice to be on here I cant believe I didnt find this sooner thank you!

5 Re: Why are the Rules so Strict? on Tue May 08, 2012 1:20 am


antonija27 wrote:most definitely makes sense


6 Re: Why are the Rules so Strict? on Sat May 26, 2012 4:24 am


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7 Re: Why are the Rules so Strict? on Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:01 pm


I think the rules are very good and understandable.

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