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Earning Your % Bar Back

Sat Mar 16, 2013 5:07 am by Tiramisu

Earning Your % Back:

1. 10% restore for 10 votes without Asking …

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Empty Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Wed Jul 02, 2014 2:08 am


Here are some questions posed by other users, along with answers.  If you have a question, please ask here and our knowledgeable staff or established members will do their best to answer your question.

Q: Where is the exchange froum?
A: If you look for the blue bands (bars) you will see one labelled Vote Exchange Section. 
Vote Exchange:
Daily (hourly, monthly, weekly, other legal multiple votes):
1x only:

Q: What is a Troll?

A: A Troll or Internet Troll (Trolling) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.  Trolls are uncommon on CG, but we have seen them.  The best thing you can do if you see an internet troll here is to not answer them and report them immediately.

Q: I can't return someone's vote for me. What do I do?

A: If you have someone vote for you, ask for a return favor, and you have tried to return their vote and honestly can't for a legitimate reason, such as the contest has ended, the link is faulty or broken, you can only vote for one person in the contest and you already voted for someone, the contest is regional and you are outside the region, etc., then you are still responsible for saying that you tried.  You would post to that user that you tried and list the reason that you could not return the vote. If you don't post, all the mod/admin staff see is an unreturned vote and you will receive a warning for not returning that vote.

Q: Someone voted for me, but their contest only allows me to vote for one person and I already voted for someone. Can I use my mother's FB account to vote for them?
A: Absolutely NOT.  This is cheating and is much the same as using your mother's ID for daily activity.  We do not permit you to use any other outside accounts to vote, including family members.  Please treat this as "can't return vote for a legitimate reason" and post to that person that you already used your vote in that contest and can't return their vote.

Q: Why can't I open a Vote Request Topic?
A: Did you read the rules?  All new u
sers must first read the rules and post on this link that they have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to ALL of the Forum Rules.

Q: Why can't I post that I agree to the rules?

A: Some users are finding they can't post that they agree to the rules until they have made anotehr post. Please visit the vote exchange 1x or daily section, vote for someone (first person on page 1 only) and post your vote results including any numbers or other requested proof of vote, along with your own link for a return favor.  Then you will be able to post on this link that you agree to the rules.

After I vote cannot figure out how to leave my info for someone else to vote. Please tell me how to do that. thanks

A:  After you have voted for the 1st person on page 1 (only) of a topic in the Vote Exchange 1x or daily sections, at the bottom of the page you will find the box, just like when you posted here. Type your vote number/like number/rating etc. or other proof of vote into the box along with your own link and any instructions. Then you hit the button that says "send"  Or again after you have voted for the 1st person on page 1 (only) of a topic in the Vote Exchange 1x or daily sections, you will find a "quote" button in the lower left hand corner of that 1st post (only) and that will bring up a reply window that you can type in and then hit "end"

Q: I have left a message in the vote for me section but no-one has replied, have I done said something wrong. I wanted easy facebook/twitter linked votes for my girls but no-one has replied, can anyone tell me why?
A; If you haven't received any replies, it means that nobody have voted for you on your topic yet.  This could be for a variety of reasons.  Your contest asks too many personal questions, like asking for a phone number.  Or your instructions are incomplete or your entry hard to find.  Our members want to get in, vote quickly and move on, not waste time trying to figure out how to vote. Make you entry easy to find.  Another reason is if you went through and voted for everyone else and asked for a return favor, they will reply to you on their own topics; ie they can't vote for you on your topic because they already di on their own.

Q: How do i delete the requests i posted?
We don't actually delete requests as it messes up the counters, but if you want your vote request topic removed, you can ask any moderator or admin and it will be archived into a hidden area of the forum.  If your request is in response on someone else's vote request topic, you can "EDIT" and change your request; ie replace your request with "removed for such and such a reason."

Q: What happens when
someone asks you to vote, you do and then someone else asks you to vote and you can't as you have already voted in that competition?
  Since this forum does not permit cheating; ie voting with someone else's account, you obviously can't vote again.  What you would do in a case like this is respond to them anyway so we know you didn't just skip them, and apologize with a reply explaining that you have already used your vote in that contest and are unable to vote again.  It might be polite to ask if there is something else you can help them with.

Q: Ok i am new here. I want to get started right away. I read the rules but i am still not sure how to start. What's that about posting 10 things first?
A: The 10 post rule is just so that users can get a history started on our site so we can make sure that everyone is voting and that it also helps users find your contest.  Those 10 posts MUST be votes or they will not count.
(This rule is obsolete and has been replaced with an agreement rule. Users must post on this link that they have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to ALL of the Forum Rules.")

Q: I posted a new topic and realized my voting time ended earlier than I thought. How do I delete my post so I don't confuse anyone?
Contact any Moderator or Admin to close it for you, or change the end date in your header to reflect the new end date and it will be closed.

Q: How many administrators are on the site? It seems like a tremendous job. It must take a long time to keep it in shape.
The number varies.  There are currently 3 Admins and 1 Moderator.  The job can be tremendous, yes.  The hardest part is in keeping our users honest.  Many try and circumvent rules and avoid having to return votes. This is the main reason the number of rules keeps increasing.  Our users can make things easier for the admin/mod staff by following the rules and replying to everyone on their own topics rather than on the other persons' topics. This means we don't have to cross-check votes.

Q:  I can't find my topic.
  If you can't find your topic, check the post jail, impound and just visiting sections to see if it was moved there on any rule violations.  Or PM any moderator or admin and have them check for you.  If your contest has ended and all votes are up to date it might have been removed as ended.  You can also see all topics you have posted by clicking on your name, going to the statistics tab and look down under Topics and click on the link that sais "Number of Topics."  Under no circumstances should you open a duplicate copy. It will only be removed.

Q: Am I allowed to post contests which require adding me as a friend in order to vote for me?
Normally we do not allow requests to Friend somebody on FB as it is then not possible for us to moderate off site activity. Plus it encourages off site exchanges and that is not permitted.  However, the one exception is that your contest requires it.  Before you post such a request, however, please contact any admin with proof that your contest requires it.

Q: How do I delete my account?
Return ALL outstanding votes, post the results on your topic and you just walk away.  If you do decide to come back though, please use your same account. We don't allow people to create new accounts. If you walk away without returning votes, your account will be restricted and you will not be permitted to exchange votes until the matter is cleared up with an admin.  On NO account should you ever open another account.  Good luck and sorry to see you go.

Q: Where can I find the rules?

Q: What are "points" for and how are they earned?
The points are for moderating purposes. It is nothing to do with the regular users.

Q: How do I know who to vote for?
First person on page 1 of each topic ONLY. Voting for anyone else is hijacking that person's topic and is not allowed.

Q: Do I have to reply to every topic that I voted, so the person knows I voted for them!?
Yes, you will have to reply on every topic you voted on and post that you voted, including any numbers (vote, like, ratings, rankings, scores, percentages, placings, etc.) as "proof of vote."  Remember that you are not only telling them you voted, you are also telling the admin/mod staff that you voted.

Q: Can I post 10 questons an this will count as 10 posts?
No. Your 10 posts must come from votes.
(This rule is obsolete and has been replaced with an agreement rule. Users must post on this link that they have READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to ALL of the Forum Rules.")

Q: If you do a daily vote is it required to vote everyday? I'm not sure how that works
If you have a daily vote request topic, you must return all votes within 24 hours. If they are not returned by then the topic is locked and the user is warned.

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READ the Forum Rules
then post that you have "READ, UNDERSTAND and AGREE to the forum rules."

Please RTF and Tag a friend here:


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